Bank of Locust Grove

One goal of the bank is to help our customers protect their financial information and prevent identity theft.  You can be our partner in that endeavor. 

TIP:  Shred everything with personal identifying information before discarding.

Federal financial regulators are reporting that Internet threats have changed significantly over the past several years.  Sophisticated hacking techniques and growing organized cyber-criminal groups are increasingly targeting financial institutions, compromising security controls, and engaging in online account takeovers and fraudulent electronic funds transfers.  In order to help ensure the security of your online transactions, we want you to know that:

1.  We will NEVER email, call or otherwise ask you for your user name, password or other electronic banking credentials.
2.  You can help protect yourself by implementing alternative risk control processes like :
          A.  Making sure you choose an adequate user name and password that, at a minimum, mixes in small     case  letters, upper case letters and numbers.
          B.  Periodically changing your password (at least every 90 days)
          C.  Safeguarding your user name/log-in and password.
          D.  Logging off the system when you're done conducting business (don't just close the page or "X" out of the system)
          E.  Making sure you hae a firewall in place when conducting your financial transactions.
          F.  Monitoring your account activity on a regular basis (at least monthly)
3.  If you are a business customer using online banking there are many steps you can take to protect your business.  These tips are available at the bank.  Just ask an employee at the main bank for a list of tips.




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